Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" or  “Bones And Raw Food”           

 This is what we feed our dogs.

Everything is fresh and raw, and the bones cannot be too hard, only of young animals and no load-bearing parts. Lamb, calf and goat ribs, as well as beef throats are suitable.

Beef, mutton, goat and deer also, but never pork!

Beef and sheep tripe and also deer tripe is definitely part of this diet as well (green tripe)

Foul, such as chicken and duck, incl. necks, carcasses and also feet.

Organ meat, such as chicken livers, stomachs and hearts, beef heart, lamb liver and kidneys.

Fatty fish types such as salmon (heads and bones), herring, mackerel, and sardines, all fatty fish are very good for dogs.

Vegetables, raw and pureed as well as some fruits can be given as snacks.

They also get cottage cheese and a raw egg once per week.

Every now and then, they are also allowed healthy leftovers.

For supplements, I give them salmon oil capsules, seaweed from Iceland, nut mix and pumpkin seeds (crushed).

What you should never give your dog: grapes, raisins, and chocolate.


Puppies and BARF  

Our puppies are fed ‘Energique’.

As it is a complete fresh meat diet for dogs, we find it the best start in the first weeks of the puppies’ lives.

And after that, you can start with:

Small pieces of meat, rumen and flattened chicken necks.

Fish and vegetables are also allowed and then you can further expand, with now and then alternating with a complete fresh food like ‘Energique’.

You can find more information on (Dutch). There is also a lot of information to be found online in English. Simply search for ‘BARF’.